Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Minister's Moment: Who's the Good Guy?

Who’s the Good Guy?
Genesis 25:19-33:20

We’re familiar with the story of Jacob and Esau, the twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah, and grandsons of Abraham and Sarah.  Esau was the oldest, and his father’s favorite, a man of the fields who loved the outdoors and loved to hunt.  Jacob was what we might refer to as a “mamma’s boy,” who preferred to stay close to home.  As anyone knows who has raised children, or watched them being raised, this was a situation bound to produce trouble.
It began one day when Esau came in from hunting—tired, hungry, and having found no game.  Jacob was cooking some lentil soup, and Esau asked for a bowl.  Jacob offered to trade  for Esau’s birthright.  Now, this was a serious consideration.  The oldest son was entitled to two-thirds of his father’s wealth, which in Isaac’s case was considerable.  Esau consented, revealing, perhaps, the character flaw of impetuousness.

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