Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Revival stirs churches to act as one in Christ Jesus

By turns smiling and fiery, Tunica native Neddie Winters came home to Sunday’s “God Make Us One” revival with a surprising – and thought provoking – keynote message about unity and racial reconciliation: we are already one in Christ Jesus.

“We are one with one another, whether we like it or not,” Winters affrimed.

Quoting Jesus’ prayer for believers from John 17 – “that they may be one” – Winters noted, “If God answered Jesus’ prayer, then why are we talking about why we can’t get along with each other?”

Winters explained that unity and unification is not sameness but instead having common goals and purposes.

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Meeting Moceanu

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Local History: Rolling stores were a big hit in the 60’s

This week continues a summer long series of history stories by the late Ashley Harris that were first published in 1994 and 1995.

During the Fifties, Sixties and early Seventies a well-loved institution was born, matured, and finally died.  This rural institution was the rolling store.

The first rolling stores in Tunica County were those owned by two brothers, Ralph and J.C. Whittle, who operated a combination grocery and clothing store in Tunica.  The grocery store was managed by Ralph Whittle, and he saw the rolling store as an extension of the store in town.

The rolling stores carried what was referred to as “general merchandise.” This included items like soft drinks, candy, cookies and other snacks, lunch meats, and so on; but also items like charcoal and kerosene in 100-gallon drums at 15 cents a gallon.

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Resolution honoring Nicole Newson




WHEREAS, Nicole Newson has served Tunica County for twelve (12) years; and

WHEREAS, Nicole Newson, throughout her service to Tunica County, has displayed the highest degrees of professionalism and integrity; and

WHEREAS, Nicole Newson treated all persons with dignity and respect; and

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March of Hope

On July 11,  a group marched from the Old Sub park to the Tunica County Sheriff’s Department in solidarity with the national Black Lives Matter movement. Participants chanted and sang songs of hope, with Tunica County Sheriff K.C Hamp providing an official escort along the route.

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